Hello, and welcome to Dove, a small one-page shrine dedicated to the kind and artistic Yuzuki, one of the many bachelors from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns, or 3ot for short. While this site may be a bit small, I hope it conveys my love for the character in as little information as possible. Here you can find out basic information about the boy, as well as information on how to woo him if you so chose!

This shrine was made for Amassment's One Page, One Month Marathon!

Story of Seasons

Story of Seasons, known in Japan as Bokujo Monogatari, and formerly known as Harvest Moon, is a farming simulation role-playing video game series created by Yasuhiro Wada and produced by Marvelous Inc.

From 1996 until 2013, Natsume Inc. oversaw English translation and distribution of the series in North America (when it was known as Harvest Moon), but that torch has since been passed to XSeed Games under the new series title, Story of Seasons. From a personal standpoint, I find XSeed does a bit better of a job with localization as there have been no real hiccups with their releases thus far, while previous games localized by Nastume did have some problems.

The series debuted on the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), and has since been on a variety on platforms, including but not limited to: the Game Boy, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 64, Playstation, Playstation 2, Gamecube, Wii, Playstion Portable, and, in the future, the Nintendo Switch. The series also has quite a few spin-offs, though the most popular by far is definitely Rune Factory. Others inlcude Innocent Life, Hometown Story, and Return to PopoloCrois. Another spin-off could potentionally be the Harvest Moon games that continue to be released by Natsume, since they still hold the rights to the series' name.

The main objective of the series is to raise and rebuild a rundown farm into a thriving and successful one. This requires raising crops, taking care of livestock, getting to know townspeople. and should you so chose, getting married and potentially raising a family.

Trio of Towns

Trio of Towns is the seond entry in the Story of Seasons series, and second on the 3DS. It was released February 28th of 2017 in North America.

The story begins with the playable character and their family. This character has a dream of owning a farm, but due to their father's work, have been unable to fulfill that dream, since they move around a lot. It's hard to learn a solid chunk about farming that way! So when another move is on the horizon, your character speaks up about wanting to move out on their own to manage a farm. Though solidly against this, your father evetually agrees to letting the playable character live on a homestead near their Uncle Frank's farm. When the family moves on to their next home, your character moves on to start to dream.

The goal in this entry of the series is to complete a series of "Farm Tips" by your father in order to convince him that you're capable to be out of your own. There are three villages that will eventually unlock, and it is up to you to help them and form bonds with all the villagers to bring their town to prosperity. Among other things, you will grow crops, raise lifestock, participate in festivals, and can even stay up to date with the latest fashion. You can also get married and have a child if you so chose.


Name: Yuzuki
Town: Tsuyukusa
Birthday: Fall 7
Family: Omiyo (Grandmother), Umekichi (Grandfather), Younger Brother
Likes: Sweet foods, Yomogi Dumplings, Chestnut Rice, Cherries, etc.
Arrival: Summer 26, Year 1

Yuzuki is one of the many eligable bachelors to court in Trio of Towns. He has a very friendly and gentle aura about him. Though he has been quite sickly since he was young, he now enjoys a more healthy life. Yuzuki makes metallic ornaments as a way of work, and can usally be found staying up late working, making him a bit of a late riser, which worries his grandparents.


As a baby, Yuzuki's parents left him to his grandparents due to his sickly nature. Though they haven't made any effort to see him despite his health improving, Yuzuki doesn't seem to mind very much. He views his grandparents as his parents and is very grateful for the life he was able to live.

In his absence, Yuzuki's parents also had another son, a brother to him, who is two years younger.

Though he was very weak and sickly as a child, it was around the age of ten that Yuzuki's health started improving. During his sick days, he would use the local hot springs as a way to gain his strength.

Yuzuki is very close to both Hinata and Komari, who are his childhood friends. He also gets aong with Ludus due to his work being similar in a way to Yuzuki's.


If you want to romance Yuzuki, here is a list of his favourite things!

Wrapping Paper: Simple Paper, Plain Cloth, Simple Box

+1000 FP Gifts: Yomogi Dumplings

+500 FP Gifts: Mugwort, Cherry, Chestnut Rice, Anpan Sweet Roll, Millet Dumplings, Monaka, Daifuku, Youkan, Strawberry Shaved Ice, Castella

+300 FP Gifts: Kiwi, Strawberry, honey, Maple Syrup, Chrysanthemum, Pink Carnation, green fabric, Yogurt, Apricot, Bamboo, branches (not Twigs), Great Butterbur, Agate, Crystal, Jade, Fluorite, Mithril, Candied Sweet Potato, Pudding

-1000 FP Gifts: Coffee

Availability: Yuzuki can normally be found at his house, sitting outside his grandparents house, or hanging around town with Hinata on his off days.

My Advice: Cherries and Chestnut Rice are the easiest gifts to give Yuzuki! Once the recipe for Chestnut Rice is available, chestnuts should be easily found for sale, as well as rice, of course. Cherry seedlings are also available pretty early in game, should you take the time to grow it out. They do only grow in spring though, so be sure to save your cherries!! While not the highest affection gift, they're easy to come by and will probably fit within your budget more than anything else.


If you'd like to romance Yuzuki, you must increase his FP and view his events! First on the list of his friend events, and then his love events! When you've viewed up to his light green heart event, a pendant will be available to buy at all the General Store's. If you buy this pendant, you can either confess your feelings yourself by giving Yuzuki the pendant, or talk to him with it in your inventory and he will confess to you. After you start dating, there's even more events you can view until you eventually reach the point where the two of you can marry. Getting married is a similar method to dating, only each town has a unique proposal item, so be sure to buy the right one for your love! Below is a list of how to activate all of Yuzuki's events.

5,000 FP Friend Event: Walk from the Crossroads to Tsuyukusa around 13:00-17:00, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday, with sunny weather.

10,000 FP Friend Event: Walk into Yuzuki's workshop around 13:00-17:00, Monday, Tuesday, Wenesday, Friday, or Sunday, with sunny weather.

Light Blue Flower Love Event (20,000 FP): Walk from your farm to the Crossroads around 13:00-18:00, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday, with sunny weather. Choose, "Thanks for covering for me" for max FP and AP with Yuzuki.

Dark Blue Flower Love Event (30,000 FP): Walk from South Tsuyukusa to North Tsuyukusa around 13:00-18:00, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday, with rainy or snowy weather. Choose, "Find things that may give him inspiration" for max FP and AP with Yuzuki.

Light Green Flower Love Event (40,000 FP): Walk into Yuzuki's house around 13:00-18:00, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday, with sunny weather.

Yellow Flower Love Event (60,000 FP): Walk from South Tsuyukusa to North Tsuyukusa around 8:00-14:00, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday, with sunny weather. Choose, "You were really happy?" for max FP and AP with Yuzuki.

Orange Flower Love Event (70,000 FP): Exit your farm house around 7:00-16:00, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday, with sunny weather. Choose, "Don't buy it" for max FP and AP with Yuzuki.

Pink Flower Love Event (80,000 FP): Enter Umekichi's house around 18:00-22:00, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday, with sunny weather. You must have recently talked with all the Tsuyukusa villagers, the guardians, as well as Ford. Choose, "Don't tell them" for max FP and AP with Yuzuki.

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